Dressing Up Your Family Room for Fall

October 21, 2020  ·  4 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

From Thanksgiving get-togethers to holiday parties, the last couple months of the year are every party lover’s favorite. Be sure your family room is ready to entertain by updating your décor and rearranging your furniture to enhance the atmosphere of any shindig during the latter part of the year.

Entertaining Layout

When entertaining, not just any family room will do the trick. Your family room needs to allow the party to flow naturally from one space to another, offering plenty of room for guests to relax and mingle in one space. If your seating is lacking, you may want to upgrade to a sofa or chair arrangement that provides plenty of room for your party guests to take a load off. Face seating toward one another and leave the door easily accessible in case guests want to run for another drink.

Parties allow friends, family, and colleagues to chat amongst themselves and build new relationships. If your seating faces a wall, TV or window instead of the rest of the room, the guests seated there will have a harder time engaging in conversation with others and will be more likely to break off from the group.

Autumn-Themed Décor

The décor says it all during the holiday season. Now that autumn has arrived, it’s time to trade all those light, airy, summer colors for deep jewel tones. Throw a berry, maroon or navy slipcover on your seating and adorn your coffee tables and mantelpieces with autumn-inspired decorations. Candles, seasonal flower arrangements and tasteful autumn harvest displays make excellent centerpieces. When entertaining for adults, try to avoid décor that is too campy or on-the-nose. A pumpkin here and there will help set the scene, for example, but skip the Halloween ghosts and Thanksgiving pilgrims this year.

Think of Your Guests

When you’re entertaining a large group of people in your family room, you’ll want to ensure they’re comfortable and eager to stick around for a while. Make the room cozy and convenient this autumn by providing everything your guests could need. Side tables and coffee tables should be placed throughout the family room to allow guests to set their drinks down while seated. Tables can also provide grazing spots where you can strategically place snacks to keep guests chatting rather than sitting in the kitchen eating. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature during parties, but, if the nights get a little chilly, lighting a fireplace or providing a cozy throw blanket will ensure your friends and family remain comfortable and relaxed.

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Start the Holidays Off Right with Living Designs Furniture

Dress your family room to impress your party guests this holiday season with the perfect furniture from Living Designs Furniture. Our custom furniture showroom will work with you to determine the most functional and attractive pieces for your space to make entertaining this season a breeze. Contact us online or call (713) 921-5098 to speak with one of our furniture designers today!

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