Dazzling Decorations for the Winter Holidays

December 4, 2017  ·  5 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

There’s no better time to transform your home into a cozy seasonal abode than the first few weeks of winter. As the chill slowly sets in, you’ll appreciate a comfy atmosphere where you can snuggle up by the fire, sip some hot cocoa and watch your favorite holiday movies.

We can’t rely on turning leaves and blankets of white to enhance the holiday atmosphere in Texas, so you’ll need decorations to foster some seasonal cheer. Once you surround yourself with wreaths, garlands and scented candles, it’ll be easy to forget that it’s still a beautiful 50 degrees outside!

The good news is, decorating doesn’t have to be a week-long endeavor. Even the tiniest trinket can bring warmth to your home. Take a break from the usual seasonal décor with these unique twists on old classics.

Homemade Wreaths

  • Present wreath – Gift giving is a staple of any holiday. Recall this jolly tradition with a DIY wreath. Collect any small boxes that may be lying around your home. Then, wrap them
  • with your favorite paper – this should be weatherproof paper, if the wreath is going on the front door – and tie a ribbon around each package. Lastly, hot glue the presents to a wreath frame and stick a large bow on top!
  • Ornament wreath – If you’re all about glitz and glam, opt for this shiny wreath instead of the traditional evergreen. You can pull from your stockpile of old ornaments or color coordinate with discount baubles from the store – either will do. Simply glue your ornaments to a frame, taking care to vary the sizes and fill in all gaps. You may want to opt for more durable varieties as opposed to glass in case of an accident or fall! No one wants to be stuck sweeping up shards.

Lovely Lighting

  • Luminous vases – Bring the starry night into your home by filling frosted vases with white string lights. These vases will emit a lovely glow to keep your home feeling warm after dusk. If you prefer a clear vase, make sure to use thin wire lights for a truly dazzlingly display. Alternatively, mix the bulbs with ornaments, pinecones, and faux foliage for a fuller look.
  • Conifer candles – Fill miniature wooden logs with tea candles by boring out a hole in the wood and resting the candle within so it’s flush with the top. You can do this yourself if you’re hands on, or you can order decorative logs online. If you’re worried about fire hazards or have young ones in the home, substitute battery operated candles or leave the wicks unlit.

Bringing the Outside In

  • Interwoven garlands – Garlands look exquisite on mantels, around doors and windows or wrapped around banisters, but most people don’t deviate from the classic look. Put some pizzazz in your garlands by incorporating pinecones, live greenery or cinnamon sticks for a delightful aroma.
  • Wooden crates – Not everyone has a mantel where they can hang stockings. If you’re looking for a creative way to separate stocking stuffers, try loading gifts into wooden crates for each family member. Crates can also be repurposed as stands for trees of any size.
  • Flora and fauna – While many of us associate flowers with spring, they’re a wonderful way to liven up your living space any time of year. Choose bold red poinsettias for a merry feel or go crisp with white or green amaryllis, orchids, and carnations.

Striking Table Settings                         

  • Whites and metallics – Some people may discover traditional holiday colors clash with their normal decorations. For a more subtle and neutral look that still celebrates the season, integrate whites and metallics into your dishware, placemats or tablecloth.
  • Festive coasters – If you’re looking for a smaller, less extravagant change, a new set of coasters might just do the trick. Try wood for a down-to-earth feel or a snowflake emblem that pays homage to the winter frost

Festive Foods

  • Faux fruit – With the holidays come dinner parties and feasts. Evoke memories of these happy moments all season long by incorporating decorative fruit on your dining table, either in bowls or with a runner. Apples and pomegranates provide a pop of red that elicits warmth. To make it look like a fine layer of snow has fallen, sprinkle a mixture of white and silver glitter over your bouquet.
  • Hanging treats – Who says food needs to stay on your plate? Hang candy canes around your home or from a garland for an extra sweet holiday. Gingerbread men are another great option, as they exude a sweet cinnamon scent. Just poke a hole in them with a straw to make room for the string.
  • Tower of tins – Cookie and candy tins are wonderfully elaborate but woefully underused for anything other than storage. Stack your tins for all to see this holiday season and pair them with dainty decorations for some extra oomph.

Bring Seasonal Spirit to Your Home With Living Designs Furniture

While many of us adhere to tradition, no two families celebrate the holidays the exact same way. The same is true of furniture. Our designers at Living Designs Furniture understand you want pieces that reflect your personal style, which is why we’ll customize or build any piece of upholstered furniture you want to fit your home. Visit us in Houston, contact us online, or give us a call at (713) 921-5098 today!

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