At Living Designs Furniture, our goal is to provide the best possible experience to every customer. During the design process, our furniture specialists address the specifics of your design to ensure that you are confident in your purchase before production begins. All details pertaining to customizations or design of your furniture are finalized and confirmed prior to purchase. Our team coordinates with you on dimensions, fabric, comfort, and frame of your custom furniture during the purchasing process, in order to manufacture a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Dimensions + Delivery

Our customers are responsible for understanding and communicating whether the furniture will fit into or around obstacles in the dwelling (including but not limited to: stairwells, doorways, and hallways). To ensure the successful delivery of products, we ask that all specifics about the location are measured and confirmed prior to production.

Due to the variety of options in upholstery materials, all handmade products are subject to a 1-inch margin of error within overall dimensions.


Frame:  Lifetime warranty under normal* wear and tear. 
*Damage from sitting on arms and back of the frame is not considered normal wear and tear

Foam:  1 year warranty under normal wear and tear.

Sewing:  3 year warranty under normal wear and tear.

Fabric:  1 year warranty under normal wear and tear.

Even with performance fabric options, these materials are not completely removable and are not covered under warranty: lipstick, permanent marker, nail polish, mustard, shoe polish. 

Certain clothing dyes such as those used on denim may migrate to materials and cause permanent damage. This is called dye transfer, this type of stain is not covered by warranty. 

Washing covers in the washing machine may cause abrasion damage or strip material of performance qualities and is not covered under warranty.

Fabric or leather is subject to dye lot changes by manufacturer, the best way to avoid this is to purchase matching furniture at the same time.

Due to the nature and size of single bench cushions, the upholstery may reveal “comfort wrinkles” sooner. Bench cushions have less support to stabilize the material due to their extended size, and the wrinkles should not be considered a construction defect.

Conditional Coverage

Outlet or In Stock purchases must be picked up or delivered within 10 days of purchase. Fees may apply for customers that require storage for more than 10 days

Note: Outlet sales are final and do not include the Living Designs Furniture Warranty.

Questions or concerns related to warranty or coverage of our furniture please email: [email protected]

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