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October 19, 2015  ·  3 min read  ·  Reviewed by Sarah Zubowski

Our journey to becoming Living Designs Furniture began with an idea. An idea that furniture should reflect the personal needs and style of the people who use it and should be offered at an affordable price point. As a manufacturer for a quarter of a century, our identity was established long before we opened our doors to the public; we know well our unique ability and desire to bring these ideas to fruition. The tricky part was coming up with the name to reflect it.

We mulled over many, many names before we selected Living Design Furniture. Lists and lists were produced of synonyms, descriptive words, and ideas. Practically anything to do with who we are and the products we provide was written down, stared at, and combined with every other element to see if anything fit or stuck.

Custom Comfort Furniture was one of our original contenders. It played off the three word alliterated name of Texas Mattress Makers, our sister store. The word “custom” implied high quality as well as the ability to personalize the furniture while “comfort” reflected our product types which all provide a comfortable surface. But the name just didn’t work. It didn’t go far enough. “Custom Comfort” just doesn’t personify personalized style.

We spent weeks racking our brains for some abstract concept which could somehow fit all of these elements into a three word name. We could not even assume that the word “furniture” would make it into the title since there were so many other words which could imply this as well. For example, simply adding the word “Home” when combined with the right words could accomplish this just as easily. It was a puzzle which would eventually be solved with one key realization and the word that started it all: “Living.”

The word combination “living room furniture” made it onto several lists. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but most of our furniture can be used in this room. Really, if the home had a heart it would be the living room. Often a main thoroughfare and place of congregation, it is constantly beating with the pulse of the house. The living room is alive. Just like our designs. Living Designs fell into place naturally at that moment.

Our furniture is not confined to one singular purpose or style. An ottoman can not only become a comfortable place to rest your feet. It can also be a stylish coffee table in the center of the room with a broad, tufted surface. A couch is more than just a throne with a remote but also a sanctuary to stretch your limbs and lounge in comfort with an elongated cushion. The look, the feel, the fabric – each detail has potential to be sculpted into the style and functionality that lives in your mind. When you shop at Living Designs Furniture you truly can bring your living room furniture – and the heart of your home – to life.

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