Dean Zubowski

Dean Zubowski, a proud native of Houston, embodies a deep-rooted love for his city and its culture. Growing up around his family’s local grocery cemented his passion for small businesses, and he knew that one day he would work for a company that valued Houston as much as he does. After years of moving up the corporate ladder, his passion shifted to manufacturing fine furniture after meeting the love of his life, Sarah, who had been working at her family’s local furniture factory. Dean’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, craftsmanship, and customer needs became the cornerstone of his role overseeing production and design at Living Designs Furniture. With a customer-first approach, Dean and Sarah are on a mission to provide affordable, luxurious, and personally tailored furniture to the every home in Houston!

About our review process

At Living Designs Furniture, we prioritize offering every customer clear, credible, and evidence-based information. As a reliable source of interior design and custom furniture expertise, our content, product descriptions, and services undergo comprehensive review to guarantee their accuracy and relevance. 

Spearheaded by Sarah Zubowski, our team of experts possesses diverse knowledge, encompassing various fields such as interior design, furniture craftsmanship, and aesthetic psychology. We take pride in delivering furniture solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and relevance in the dynamic world of interior design and custom furniture.