Shop Factory Direct for Affordable Custom Furniture

You May Think Custom Furniture and Affordability Are Mutually Exclusive… They’re Not at Living Designs Furniture!

Furniture can be an expensive investment, leading many consumers to buy used or inexpensive cookie-cutter furniture when possible. However, buying quality, brand new furniture at affordable rates, and even custom furniture, is possible. In order to do so though, you need to find a combined manufacturer and retailer who cuts out the middle man.

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East Side Vibes Yoga

If you have been following our activity you know that in addition to furniture, we also love to build our Houston community. Our EaDo neighborhood is constantly evolving and developing as Houston’s needs continue to change with its growing population. Most of these changes have brought new and exciting additions to enrich the local neighborhood. Unfortunately, there have also been casualties as some businesses struggle to find their footing in this dynamic scene.

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Crypton: The Liquid Repellent Fabric

Forget everything you know about cleaning fabric stains – at least when it comes to your furniture!

Crypton fabric offers everything you could ever dream of in a fabric. Not only does it come in a wide selection of textures, rich colors, and stylish prints, it is scientifically engineered to repel liquids! Check out the video below to see the liquid roll right off of the fabric

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