Responding to Disaster: What to Do After Your Home Floods

Flooded Street signs from Hurricane Harvey, Houston Texas

The last thing anyone expected from this hurricane season was the widespread tragedy and destruction unleashed upon Texas by Hurricane Harvey. Hundreds of thousands of Texas residents have been left to deal with the aftermath of the storm, including flooded homes and loss of power. When disaster strikes, keep your ducks in a row by knowing exactly what to do after your home floods and to take the first steps toward returning to normalcy.

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A Day to Celebrate Our Furry Friends – August 26

Americans celebrate a long list of holidays each year; some which need no explanation as to why they exist (like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week), and others that are a bit questionable or farfetched, to say the least (such as National Hairball Awareness Day, Take Your Plants for a Walk Day and Bad Poetry Day, just to name a few). One holiday many people aren’t aware of, but that certainly deserves to exist and be recognized, celebrates our most loyal four-legged companions: dogs.

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Shop Factory Direct for Affordable Custom Furniture

You May Think Custom Furniture and Affordability Are Mutually Exclusive… They’re Not at Living Designs Furniture!

Furniture can be an expensive investment, leading many consumers to buy used or inexpensive cookie-cutter furniture when possible. However, buying quality, brand new furniture at affordable rates, and even custom furniture, is possible. In order to do so though, you need to find a combined manufacturer and retailer who cuts out the middle man.

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